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Updates on the CoronaVirus & Real Estate by Pizzi Properties


The Novel Coronavirus Pandemic is currently raging across the world and we're all social-distancing and staying indoors as per government advisory. In fact, if we are to pay heed to medical researchers and professionals, the pandemic is nowhere near ending. The Covid-19 virus, which traces its origins back to the Wuhan district of China, now has the entire world in its grip. Just when we thought the virus had been successfully contained in China, the nation began reporting fresh new cases of individuals infected with the virus. Now, academicians and scientists are warning nations about a second wave of the virus.

As last reported, the number of cases registered in the United States has crossed the 2 million mark. The number of deaths reported crossed 113,000. It has been estimated that the US might notch up upwards of 200,000 deaths in September, according to the Head, Harvard Global Health Institute.

The first case of Coronavirus in the United States was reported back in January 2020. The Covid positive man had traveled back from Wuhan and been hospitalized in Washington for two weeks before being released. Approximately 5 cases were reported that month, all of the individuals returning from the then Coronavirus pandemic epicentre – Wuhan. Each of these individuals were asked to home-quarantine. The first case of person-to-person transmission in the US was also recorded in Jan 2020. Community transmission was detected in the month of February, when the first case of an individual infected with the virus with no known travel history to China was reported. February also marks the first Coronavirus related death in the United States.

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March sees the closure of many public schools, colleges, and universities. Major sports leagues terminate their seasons. Public gatherings are subject to more restrictive rules – crowds of over 50 are disallowed from assembling. At the end of April 2020, the United States had more than a million confirmed cases of COVID-19 and 60,996 deaths. By May, the US had completed 14 million tests.

Most recently, the lockdown is being eased across the nation with businesses being allowed to function and the prohibitions on public gatherings being relaxed.

Should You Let the Coronavirus Infection Dominate Your Life?

Statistically speaking, the death rate of COVID-19 is really not very worrying. Currently, the number of daily deaths from the infection hovers at around 1000 in the US. In comparison, the nation registers approximately 1600 deaths from cancer every day. About 132 people die daily from suicide in the States. Malaria, thankfully, has reportedly been wiped out. Currently, the daily deaths from the novel coronavirus infection around the world sway at around 5000. More people die from digestive diseases, dementia and lower respiratory infections globally than they do from the coronavirus infection. Around 3,700 people are killed from road accidents around the world. So, essentially, your risk of dying from the coronavirus infection is roughly the same as finding yourself the unfortunate victim of a road accident.

According to the World Health Organization, the estimated fatality rate of the Coronavirus is only 3.4%, which is far lesser than smallpox, SARS and Ebola. It is the easy risk of infection that makes COVID-19 all the more worrisome. So what can one do? The easy answer to that is to continue to practice necessary personal hygeine measures. We can prevent the risk of contracting the Novel Coronavirus with as little as maintaining appropriate social distance from infected persons, practicing sneezing/coughing into our arms, wearing a mask when we're out and washing our hands after we've touched an exposed surface area.

Does This Mean You Should Put Your Real Estate Purchases on Hold?

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At Pizzi Properties, a top Jersey Shore Realtor, we treat the Coronavirus pandemic with the greatest caution. We understand that now is not the time to be out and about without sufficient reason. However, we also understand that life cannot be put on hold indefinitely fearing the contraction of the virus. We ought to stagger back to industry and try to deal with this new world order that we’ve been handed. Our realtors are at your service, now more than ever. You wish to buy a luxury property in the Jersey Shore area? You can conveniently buy Luxury homes by Pizzi Properties. Need a buyer’s agent or transaction broker to help you buy your dream property? Allow us to help you.

It is incredibly important in the post-COVID world to be wary of the neighborhood in which you buy a potential property. No matter what the motivation behind your property purchase, you'd like to inhabit or run operations in a safe locality – not one with a high concentration of crowds of people who might be infected with the virus. If you are opting to buy luxury homes by Pizzi Properties in the post-pandemic world, you will want access to local markets. However, you will also want these local markets to be well-sanitized and with individuals following social distancing norms. Home/property buying will now need innovative strategies which I, Daniel Pizzi, can help you with.

Have your eyes on a property already but haven’t been able to trace it on any online listing? Let us know, we will do all we can to get you the property of your dreams. That’s the Jersey Shore Realtor Pizzi Properties’ promise. We will not only negotiate terms of your real estate transaction to your benefit but also help you close the deal. We will be with you every step of the way.

You can also pick from the various property listings we provide online to choose one that suits your fancy. All our property listings are carefully curated and all of these properties will be duly sanitized before being handed over to you, shall you choose to buy them. If you are not convinced, you can visit our official website at and hear it from our satisfied clients.

We uphold complete fiduciary responsibility to you when you engage us into your service. You can trust us and our associates to observe post-coronavirus safety guidelines strictly, even when we are doing business.

The epicentre of the Novel Coronavirus pandemic has shifted out of the United States. In-fact, we have managed to flatten the curve of rising cases to an extent. Now is not the time to practice reckless behavior and throw all caution to the wind. The pandemic is still very much present in our nation, as it is the world. Yes, the number of cases might be going down but that shouldn’t mean you go cruising out onto the roads for no reason.

If it’s property that you’d like to buy, let Jersey Shore Realtor Pizzi Properties help. We can verify all the queries that you might have, and find questions to your answers regarding listed/unlisted property. Our agents will survey the location, the property, and any other aspects of the real estate that you might want examined. All you need to do is trust us. If you'd like to visit the property in person, we will facilitate this for you too, following every post-covid safety protocol.

Our customer’s lives are just as important to us as their business.

With recent reports coming in, the United States may already be onto the second wave of COVID-19 infection. Fresh new case number highs have been reported from Florida, California and Texas. Even if this isn’t the second wave just yet, a second wave of the novel coronavirus infection is sure to be upon us soon enough.

We will defeat it, as we have done other diseases and infections before. Yet, one cannot put a higher price on precaution right now. The healthcare system is already struggling with the reported number of cases and it is best to not burden it more by indulging in rash behavior.

We cannot alleviate your general worry and anxiety with the state of the world in the moment. However, what we can do is convenience and enable your real estate buying and selling in the New Jersey and South Dakota area. If you must buy property now, we are the name you should trust – Luxury homes from Pizzi Properties and any other number of properties, to your aid. Cherrypick from our selection and we will help you seal your property deal!

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